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Graphics for Merchandise

ㅤRate: $18/hour.

Ask about payment options

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro

ㅤWhen designing merchandise we go through two phases in the project; a sketch phase and a final phase.

During the sketch phase, we bounce ideas back and forth until gathering enough details for me to go off of. If the client doesn't already have a design in mind, I typically present three to five different sketches to the customer. After sketches are presented you are allowed three free revisions to any one of the sketches from the batch. Before any artwork is exchanged, I'll email the client an invoice that outlines the cost of the project so far. The image is sent after the payment can be confirmed. 


ㅤThe second and final phase is where I fully render the sketch and have the transferable file either be a .png or .ai format. Before any artwork is exchanged, I will again be sending an invoice to my client's email which outlines the cost of the final product. The image(s) is sent directly to the client after the payment is confirmed. After the final is presented there are three free revisions a client can request, however, alterations do not mean a complete reconstruction of the final product. Any further revisions would once again start my hourly rate.

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